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R32/R42 Retirement Outlook through June 2010

Posted by Kris Datta on Sunday, December 6, 2009, In : Car Retirements 
22 at Jamaica
206 at 207th St.
10 at Coney Island

10 at Jamaica
50 at East NY

The remainder of R160s will be going to Jamaica Yard to make the F all R160 (though the F may use 1 set of R46s when the delivery is complete). There is only one R42 left at Jamaica, and should be phased out of service by December 11th, 2009. The next step in retirement should involve the R32s at Jamaica, which can result in one of two possible outcomes:

1. The remaining 2 R32s are retired by 2 incoming R160s. Aft...
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R160Bs 9828-9832 Delivered

Posted by Kris Datta on Saturday, September 5, 2009, In : Car Deliveries 
R160Bs 9828-9832 have been delivered to 207th St. yard, according to With the arrival of these cars, Kawasaki has delivered 30 cars of the 160-car option II order and has to deliver 130 more cars for the R160B order to be complete.

When they pass the testing phase, they will be based out of Jamaica Yard (E, F, G, R, and V lines) and enter service on the E or F lines. The newest R160Bs to enter service are cars 9813-9822.
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R160Bs 9813-9817 Delivered

Posted by Henry Man on Friday, July 24, 2009, In : Car Deliveries 
Photographic evidence has shown that R160B cars 9813-9817 have been delivered. This means that 15 cars of the R160B 2nd Option Order by Kawasaki has been delivered. The latest delivered cars are currently sitting at 207th Street Yard, waiting for testing. The new cars are expected to be based out of Jamaica Yard (E, F, G, R and V lines) and will run on the E and F lines.

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