22 at Jamaica
206 at 207th St.
10 at Coney Island

10 at Jamaica
50 at East NY

The remainder of R160s will be going to Jamaica Yard to make the F all R160 (though the F may use 1 set of R46s when the delivery is complete). There is only one R42 left at Jamaica, and should be phased out of service by December 11th, 2009. The next step in retirement should involve the R32s at Jamaica, which can result in one of two possible outcomes:

1. The remaining 2 R32s are retired by 2 incoming R160s. After both R32s are retired, 5 R46s will be displaced to 207 by R160s and be used on the C line. This will cause 5 8-car C trains to be broken up and added to other R32 C trains to make 10-car C trains.
2. The remaining 2 R32s are sent to 207th St. yard. 3 more R46s will follow, displaced by R160s, and allow the C to become 10 cars (essentially the same as situation 1, but doesn't retire the R32s).

Both possibilities should lead towards the extension of C trains to 10 cars. After either one occurs, R160s will continue to displace R46s to 207 until the remainder of R32s there have been retired.

When the 32 R160A-1s (9943-9974) come in at the end of the order, they will go to ENY to replace the 50 R42s there (this will result in the elimination of 16 spare cars).

As for the 10 R32s at Coney Island, there is no replacement plan for them currently. This does not mean that they will not be replaced, however. They can be replaced at one of two points of the retirement process:

1. Right after the remaining R32s are retired from Jamaica
2. Right after the remaining R32s are retired from 207

All that would need to happen is that Jamaica sends one train of R160s (likely 9143-9152) to Coney Island to replace the 10 R32s there.

The last 60-foot SMEE's to be in service seem to be the East NY R42s, which will be retired by June 2010. Ride all of these cars on their respective lines while you still can! Please note that all of this is speculation (based on educated guesses) and is constantly subject to change.