206 at 207th St. Yard (2-3 sets on the A, while the C is 100% R32)
22 at Jamaica (2 sets on the V, has been on the R recently)
10 at Coney Island (1 set on the B, has been on the Q recently)

Hunting/Riding Tips
A - Wait around the middle of the line, such as Fulton St. or High St. Wait at the middle of the platform in case the train arrives in either direction (and you don't have to run up 9 cars just for that RFW - moving up 4 cars is much more reasonable and can be done in 2 stops). Try hunting them during rush hours as well, as they do not run both (or possibly either) of them during middays. Most R32 A trains go to Lefferts Blvd., so do not wait for just a Rockaway R32 A train because they may not be running there.

B - The R32 that runs on this line is rather erratic. I am hearing that every day the train is taken out of service around 2:40 PM and placed back into service at 4 PM. This train will most likely run during rush hours (it is an extra service train after all) so try during the rush hours. Wait at either 7th Ave., Atlantic Ave. or another station along the middle of the line that you wish. If you wait at Atlantic Ave., you also have a chane to catch the R32 on the Q, because it has been seen on the Q before.

C - While you should have no problem catching an R32 on this route, take advantage of the opportunity that the C is 100% R32! This will change in early 2010, so utilize the fact that you only have to wait at most 10 minutes for an R32 C.

Q - This line has seen an R32 on it recently (from the B), but that set is since back on the B. If you want to try your luck on both routes at the same time, wait at Atlantic Ave. in case the train arrives in either direction. Or else, you can wait near a crossover at a Brighton station.

R - This line used to run one R32/R42 a day, on the 2:55 PM out of Forest Hills and the 4:33 out of Bay Ridge. This has since changed, since the 2 R32s and 2 R42s (now down to one lone R42 in Jamaica) have only been on the V the entire week. If you want to catch an R32 R, wait along Queens Blvd (Queens Plaza should be your best bet). Do not expect one on the R, so if one shows up on the V, take it.

V - This line is down to just 2 R32s. This still gives you a 1/9 chance of getting an R32 on the V at any given time, but the R32s are now extraneous to service needs at Jamaica and do not need to be placed into service (though they still are). Wait at Lexington - 53rd (midpoint of the line), or at Queens Plaza if you want a shot of the R32 on the R.

10 at Jamaica (lone set on the V)
50 at East NY (all on the J/Z)

J/Z - During rush hour, the line should be 25% R42. You should not have a hard time finding an R42, though you should ride them with this frequency of R42s while you still can! It doesn't really matter where you wait for them, but to maximize the chances of finding one easily, wait at the middle of the line (Broadway Junction, or Myrtle Ave. for the photo ops) during rush hour. 1-2 sets also run on the middays and weekends as well. I also hear that the 3:33 PM J out of Jamaica Center is an R42, so happy hunting!

V - Only 1 R42 remains out of Jamaica Yard, and it is usually seen on the V. To maximize the chances of seeing this train, wait at Lex - 53rd at the middle of the platform during rush hour. Do it while you still can, because this train will likely be retired by December 11th, 2009!

Happy Hunting!