I'm going to start a new system of outlining the remainder of R32's and R42's left in the system at the 1st day of each month, to make hunting for them more convenient.

204 at 207th St. Yard (2 sets on the A, 100% of the C's fleet)
26-30 at Jamaica (2 sets on the V, but may occasionally go on the R)
10 at Coney Island (1 set on the B)

Tips on hunting and riding the R32s:
A - Wait around the middle of the route, like at Broadway-Nassau (Fulton St.) or at High St. Any place with an island platform is useful since you can catch the train in either direction if you wait at the middle of the platform, and you are not too far away from the car with the raifan window. Occasionally, the A trains that go to Rockaway Park may use R32s, so you may find it helpful to wait at 59th St - Columbus Circle southbound between 5:30 and 6:30 PM. It is recommended not to wait at stations on either the Lefferts or Rockaway branch unless you know which branch the train is going to terminate on. Try catching the two R32 sets during rush hours.

B - During rush hours, wait at a station with an island platform, such as Atlantic Ave. 7th Ave. may also be a useful place to wait at, since you will be waiting between the two levels and can easily get on the middle of the train no matter which platform the train pulls up on. During middays, the B line is much shorter so Atlantic Ave. becomes the new midpoint of the line instead of 7th Ave.

C - You should have no problem finding an R32 on this route.

R- Good luck! R32's run on this route very rarely. If you are hard-bent on catching an R32 on this route and an R42 shows up, just go ahead and take the R42. See R42 section for more information

V - 2 sets of R32's run on the V. I would suggest waiting at Lexington - 53rd though you should not wait too long before catching one at any other station.

Anywhere from 50-90 left at Jamaica Yard (all on the V except for 1-2 on the R)
50 left at East NY Yard (all on the J/Z)

J/Z - 2-6 R42's run on the line each day. You shouldn't have to wait too long to catch one at any station.
R - Catching an R42 on the line requires luck. Based on my observations I have seen an R42 R enter Roosevelt Ave. going southbound at around 8 AM, so if you are an early bird you should try and catch this. Try during rush hours, and even weekends in case they are sent out due to G.O.s.

V - The line is about 1/3 R42s right now, but this will change to 0 very quickly so ride them while you still can. It doesn't really matter where or when you wait for this train.