This is the official home of the New York City Subway Car Datasheet! This website provides you with access to the general knowledge you want about New York City's subway cars.

The sheet as of August 25th, 2011 has been uploaded. A mobile version of the sheet has been created and will be uploaded shortly.

The NYCSCD Team encourages you to help us out! You can do so by providing us with pictures or necessary information regarding car deliveries or retirements. In addition, you can notify us of any inaccuracies in our sheet, or provide us with corrections to inaccurate information. If you would like to help us out, or have any suggestions, contact us at

News and Updates

08/25/11 - The sheet has been updated to reflect the transfer of the G to Coney Island Yard, the 42nd St. Shuttle to Livonia Yard, and other minor fleet swaps.

10/03/10 - The sheet has been updated to reflect the complete retirement of the NYCT R44s, and the completion of the R46 SMS. Almost nothing is set to change in the coming months, so this sheet may have to wait a while to be updated!

06/30/10 - The datasheet has been updated to reflect the changes after the service cuts. These will be the last major changes in a while, aside from the retirement of the R44s.

09/29/09 - The 56K version of the NYCSC Datasheet has been uploaded with the site, along with the updated datasheet (as of 09/28). To access the 56K version of the sheet, go to the 'Datasheets' page and download the 'NYCSC Datasheet for Slower Connections' file.

We are currently translating the datasheet into French. We will upload a Spanish and Hebrew translation soon. If you are interested in helping out in the translation process, please contact us at

 About Us

The New York City Subway Car Datasheet is meant to allow anyone, from not just New York, but from around the world, to learn about our railcars.

Webmasters - Kris Datta, Henry Man

Contact us -

The New York City Subway Car Datasheet is not affiliated with any transit entity or organization, nor is it provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) of New York.

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